Arduino Nano Shield S2 (2014-2019)

Shield for using Dreamblaster S2 with Arduino Nano.
The whole setup can be powered by USB (connected to arduino nano),
or through external supply (for example 9 volt battery).

Assembled PCB with
  • headphone stereo out connector
  • arduino nano female headers
  • S1 header pins
  • some resistors and caps.
Optional : 
  • 9 Volt battery connector   (Select option when ordering)
  • 4 pushbuttons + pulldown resistors mounted  (Select option when ordering)
  • up to 3 potmeters on adc connections (See video)
  • Arduino Nano tested and preprogrammed with demo sketch
    (Select option when ordering)
  • micro USB cable 
  • Dreamblaster S2 

The schematic for this board can be found here :
The arduino software (demo from video) can be found here :

See videos for a demo of sequencing and resonant filter control : here and here