CGA2SCART PRO Retro Erik Special Edition

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CGA2SCART PRO "Retro Erik Special Edition"
Connect your CGA/EGA (in 320x200 and 640x200) card to a SCART RGB monitor.
Please note your scart connection must support RGB mode, as CGA2SCART does not have composite output.

This version has integrated 'brown fix' and '4:3 mode detection'.
   - SCART female connector : connect your scart cable
   - 3.5mm stereo line in : connect your sound card sound to your TV/Monitor
   - mini USB connector : for 5V power supply
   - DB9 female connector : connect to CGA/EGA (in 320x200 and 640x200) card using a straight 9 pin cable.
   - optional DB9 gender changer : converts DB9 pinout to male so you can plug CGA2SCART directly on your video card. (you can remove the thumb screws if need)

The CGA2SCART needs a RGBi/TTL RGB input signal. The CGA/EGA, Tandy, Commodore 128/ C128D, Tiki-100, BBC Micro and Sinclair QL are a few of the machines we know can produce this signal. Some of these machines use other ports than the typical db9 plug. So far we have only tested the CGA2SCART Pro on CGA and EGA graphics cards in IBM PC's. 

The CGA2SCART Pro can be used together with SCART 2 HDMI scaler. Check out the video below

Commodore 128 with CGA2SCART Pro :
CGA2SCART on Amstrad PPC512