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C2 top C2 bottom C2 side
CrystalBlaster C2
CrystalBlaster C2 Waveblaster MIDI module featuring the Crystal CS9236 chip
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Limited edition Retro MIDI Waveblaster module.
CrystalBlaster C2 has a 90s low end wavetable synthy sound, as it uses the Crystal CS9236 chip.
The CS9236 chip is mounted in a socket.

Sound specifications :
  • General MIDI (GM) compliant
  • 32-note polyphony at 44.1kHz rate
  • Independent reverb and chorus levels for each MIDI channel
  • 128 melodic instruments and 47 percussion sounds

CrystalBlaster C2 Demo : Transport Tycoon Deluxe Theme :

CrystalBlaster C2 Demo : Warcraft II - Orc theme 2 :

CrystalBlaster C2 Demo : Super Streetfighter 2