Solder kit that allows to connect 9 pins gamepads and joysticks to parallel port, to simulate keypresses.

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GAMEPADLPT solder kit allows to connect 9 pins gamepads and joysticks to parallel port,
and to simulate keypresses through a DOS TSR.

Find the soldering information here.
A FAQ document is under construction, you can find the draft version here.
And here's a thread on vogons forum about GAMEPADLPT

It is compatible with :
- Atari 2600 joysticks/gamepads
- Sega Master system gamepads
- Sega Genesis gamepads
- Commodore joysticks
- other Atari compatible joysticks

GAMEPADLPT is compatible with sneskey, which allows to convert button actions to keypesses.
This can function as TSR or as game specific mapping. Check the sneskey website for compatibility information.
You can find example sneskey ini files here :
Jumpers to select atari (JP1) and genesis (JP2) mode.

Read more information in the FAQ.

Demo by Retro Erik : gamepadLPT + atari joystick

Demo by Retro Erik : gamepadLPT + sega genesis gamepad

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