MCE2VGA with enclosure MCE2VGA MCE2VGA TOP PCB MCE2VGA Button mounting Enclosure Top 2
MCE2VGA with enclosure MCE2VGA MCE2VGA TOP PCB MCE2VGA Button mounting Enclosure Top 2
CGA/EGA/Hercules/MDA to VGA converter with scanline emulator
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MCE2VGA is obsolete.

If you are looking for simply connecting an old EGA/CGA/MDA/Hercules computer to a modern monitor,
have a look at the successor project MCE2HDMI instead
, which allows to connect a HDMI monitor
or even a VGA monitor (using the optional HMDI2VGA dongle).

This FPGA project PCB is based on Luis Antoniosi's open source project, with permission :

The serdaco version consists of a main board + FPGA daughterboard, and is powered through a mini usb connector (5V, consumes min. 150mA).
This offers you a ready to run solution for connecting your DOS computer with standard CGA/EGA/Hercules or MDA videocard to a VGA monitor.
It is also compatible with Commodore C128 TTL RGB output.  Compatibility with other systems is limited to systems that follow exactly the same video standards as DOS PC videocards. MCE2VGA is not compatible with any machinery that deviates from these standards. Please check before buying.

DIP Switches


Dip1 is the closest to the RGBI connector
Dip2 has no effect in EGA inputs
Dip4 only applies when Monochrome Emulation is on

To use a Hercules video card, close DIP1 and DIP2. For a MDA just close DIP1 and leave DIP2 open
The CGA/EGA screen is automatically switched when DIP1 is open.
Scanlines only affect CGA screens and/or EGA low-res.
The UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT buttons allow to position the image, and to navigate the onscreen menu.

The reset button on the Core4 FPGA toggles CGA composite emulation (16 colors).
In composite mode, changing HPOS changes the color palette.

Output Resolutions
Mode Resolution
MDA   720x400@70Hz
Hercules     720x400@70Hz
CGA and EGA Lo-Res 720x480@60Hz
EGA Hi-Res 640x350@70Hz
All these resolutions are VGA standard and should be supported for any monitor.
Some LCD monitors will display 720x480@60Hz downscaled to 640x480@60Hz, so we may see scaled pixels. You can try adjusting the CLOCK/PHASE on your monitor settings if they are available. In this case try to leave as little as borders possible.

High quality 3d printed enclosure : it takes 4.5 hours to print one complete enclosure set !

A special capturing firmware is available. Check out this video by RetroSpector78 for more information.
It also explains in detail how to program the firmware :