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MP32L : MT32 / Soundfont compatible synthesizer module, based on raspberry pi
MT32Pi compatible

MP32L PI Hat contains :
- high quality DAC
- 3.5mm stereo line out
- MIDI DIN input
- OLED display
- Power supply options :
    -  PI3A : USB Micro connector, 5V, min 2.5A
    -  PI4B : USB C connector, 5V, min 2.5A
- Control Buttons for easy operation : 
MP32L Control

Available as fully tested presoldered module
Also available as easy solder kit (only need to solder connectors and LCD).

Compatible with MT32-Pi config files : see more information here :  Example MP32L config here.
Find more information on MT32 synthesis configuration here.

MP32L demo : Space Quest III (MT32 emulation)

MP32L demo : Zeliard (MT32 emulation)

MP32L demo : Doom E1M1 (general midi - General user soundfont)

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