DreamBlaster S2P : General MIDI wavetable synth for parallel port

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S2P available now. General MIDI sound for Your LapTop at last ! 
You already have a DOS compatible soundchip inside Your old notebook which is adlib and SoundBlaster compatible but You want more?
So the next step would be a wavetable daughterboard. But wait, there is no WaveBlaster header, not even a 15-pin Game/Midi port… and here comes S2P in: Full general MIDI compatible synthesizer for Your PCs parallel port. Prepare for the ultimate punch to Your ears.  

Run SoftMPU specifying the parallel interface to be used and the base port
address of the MPU-401 interface, e.g.

To enable MT-32 compatibility, add the /MT32 switch to the command line, e.g.


A Sound Blaster base port address and IRQ can optionally be specified if
MPU-401 interrupts are required.

S2P is wired up to the following pins on the DB25 connector :
 1: A0       ->  /Strobe   CTRL-0
 2: D0      <->  Data0
 3: D1      <->  Data1
 4: D2      <->  Data2
 5: D3      <->  Data3
 6: D4      <->  Data4
 7: D5      <->  Data5
 8: D6      <->  Data6
 9: D7      <->  Data7
10: /RESET   -   Ack
14: /CS      ->  /Linefeed CTRL-1
15: IRQ     <-   Error     Status-3
16: /WR      ->  Init      CTRL-2
17: /RD      ->  /Select   CTRL-3


S2P Review by Retro Erik :
S2P demo with DOS MIDI players, by Retro Erik :

Sam and Max on S2P, using softMPU :

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