SIMMCONN Revival AWE 64 Memory Expansion Card

SIMMCONN Revival AWE 64 Memory Expansion Card

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SIMMCONN Revival AWE 64 Memory Expansion Card 
New 2020 Batch available now !

Remake by permission, of the classic simmconn card project :

Select the suitable PAL chip option :  
Gold chip for AWE64 Gold compatibility
Value chip for AWE64 Value compatibility
Select Gold + Value if you own both kinds of AWE cards.  As the PAL chip is socketed, you can swap out the chip when needed.

Known working 32mbyte memory modules :
- HYUNDAI HY5117400C J-60
- LGS GM71c17400AJ6
- SIEMENS HYB5117405BJ-60
- OKI M5117405A-60SJ
- MIT 417409DJ EDO-60
- M.tec TBE1604A2A60

You can read vogons forum thread on this project :
Also here's a demo of the memory module :


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