TNDLPT: Tandy sound on parallel port

TNDLPT is a parallel port sound card that uses the SN76489 soundchip. Thanks to DOS software drivers, it can be used to play many DOS games that support Tandy sound.

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TNDLPT is a parallel port sound card that uses the SN76489 soundchip.
Please find the instructions here.
This sound card is available as a solder kit, and as a fully tested presoldered board.
It takes approximately 1 hour to solder the kit. 

TNDLPT features :
- SN76489AN soundchip
- USB powered high quality black color PCB
- mono headphone amplifier
- edge wheel control of amplifier volume
- button to mute the sound
- microprocessor controlled demuting logic.

TNDLPT requires :
- a stable 5V voltage supply through mini USB connector
- power consumption : approx 70mA
- suitable software (see below)

TNDLPT  is supported by the following software :
- TNDLPT DOS software suite :

- TLPTtest.exe : plays test music, does not need TSR : utility for testing your TNDLPT
- TNDreset.exe : utility to unmute the TNDLPT 
- : TSR to add TNDLPT support to games that support tandy music. 
- SBVGM : VGM player supporting TNDLPT :
- more details coming...


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