S1 Dream SAM2195 Breakout

SOLD OUT !!!! Have a look at the S2 Waveblaster board instead Synth module based on the SAM2195 chip, for DIY projects. This is basically the Dreamblaster module without the 2x13 connector. Combines

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SOLD OUT !!!! Have a look at the S2 Waveblaster board instead

Veroboard compatible synth breakout module based on the SAM2195 chip.

  • Pin layout on 2.54mm grid, ideal for veroboard prototypes
  • 64-voice polyphony (without effects)
  • 38-voice polyphony + effects
  • High quality, compact size
  • CleanWave soundset
  • General MIDI compatible effects
  • 4-band stereo equalizer
  • Low power consumption, only 5V supply required (no +/- 12V)
  • Low noise audio output
  • Can be used for electronics projects, such as arduino, raspberry pi, midibox,...
  • Small size, ideal for building into projects : 36mm x 35mm
  • SAM2195 MIDI specifications and chip datasheet : click here.
This board is intended for testing, education, development, and usage in custom projects and prototypes.

Video demonstrating the breakout board with an arduino nano : click here.

Project using the SAM2195 S1 as a drum tempo generator : click here

Description of a project converting a controller keyboard into a synth : click here

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