Dreamblaster S2 General MIDI Module Bundle

S2 MIDI module kit : Enclosure + Interface PCB + S2 Synth module Combined wavetable/fm synth module.

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€ 80,00
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Limited Edition Kit :
Create your own general MIDI module.
Low cost, small size, low weight, low power. 
High quality stereo retro sound.
Very robust enclosure.

these simple instructions to assemble your kit.
Bundle consists of :

  • DreamBlaster Synth S2 module
  • DreamFace Interface PCB
  • Corresponding Enclosure kit with Front and Rear Panel
No soldering required. Only 1 small screwdriver needed,
to assemble with 8 screws.

Dimensions (assembled) : 89mmx51mmx33mm
Weight :  70 g

External MIDI module :
  • Interfaces :
    • MIDI IN
    • Stereo Line Out (high end gold plated RCA connectors)
    • DC 9V barrel jack (+ inside)
  • 64-voice polyphony (without effects)
  • 38-voice polyphony + effects
  • General MIDI compatible effects
  • 4-band stereo equalizer
  • High quality, compact size
  • Low power consumption



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2 or more

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