X3MA : 54 Voice Midi + USB Audio Module

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X3MA  can be used for music production, connecting a midi keyboard, DOS gaming, ...

Midi + USB Sound Module : supports hardware wavetable synthesis + audio playback.
- Dream MIDI synth (54 voices polyphonic, 64 mbyte flash, compatible with X2 banks)
- 24 bit high quality DAC, configured at 48 Khz playback
- USB audio playback, class compliant 
- USB audio digital recording of MIDI+Wave output, class compliant --> for digital recording of game soundtracks
- USB MIDI in, class compliant 
- Real MIDI In (DIN connector) 

Available as PCB and PCB + Enclosure kit

2 types of enclosure available :
  - 'Classic' enclosure
  - 'Buran' 3d printed enclosure

You can find the user manual here.

Standard Soundbank instruments description : download here 
More detailed MIDI specs, download here.

Related downloads : soundbanks, preset editor and upload tool available at http://serdaco.com/downloads/

Demonstration of digital recordings with the GUD soundbank on X3M :  https://soundcloud.com/dreamblaster/sets/x3m

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