X16 top X16 BOTTOM
X16 top X16 BOTTOM
DreamBlaster X16
High end waveblaster board featuring 1gbyte of soundbank flash, 16 core high end synth chip
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X16 High End Waveblaster + USB synthesizer board :  The perfect board for your high end realtime music applications, and electronics projects.
Also existing in X16GS - gamer's edition (with licensed Dream/Roland GS bank - for DOS gaming purposes).

Hardware Specs :
  • High End 16 core Dream 5000 series synth chip (SAM5716B), with up to 256 voice polyphony
  • Compact high quality green, gold plated PCB, 53mm x 77mm
  • Super low latency < 1ms
  • 8 MByte SDRAM for high quality effects
  • 1 GByte Flash for soundbanks
  • 2x13 Waveblaster header for integration on DOS sound cards and custom projects
  • Up to 400mA current consumption at 5V, when using all DSP cores.
  • USB-MIDI interface (Class compliant), USB mini connector
  • Stereo out, high quality 24 bit 112 dB DNR DAC
  • Expansion header for future expansion / OEM projects
Features :
  • High quality Dream synth engine, compatible with Dream 5000 SDK for custom soundbank design
  • High quality GS compatible reverb and chorus
  • 3 Stereo Insert Multi-Effects blocks (s (Distortion, Equalizer, Compressor, Chorus/Flanger/Phaser/Tremolo/Rotary, Delay), controllable by MIDI.
  • 4-bands Equalizer, controllable by MIDI.
  • Multi slot soundbank support, fast bank uploading over USB to flash using Serdaco X16Manager multi slot upload tool
  • Bootloader for updating firmware over USB
  • Support for DreamBlaster Presets

X16 is shipped with the following preloaded soundbanks :
  • Bank1 & 2 : Dream CleanWave Bank (official)
  • Bank3 : Buran Bank
  • Bank4 : OPL3-FM General MIDI bank
  • Bank5 : GXSCC Chiptune bank
Read the X16 user manual here.
Read the X16 MIDI specs here.
Read information here and herehow to convert soundbanks using Awave Studio.
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