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DreamBlaster X2

Advanced Waveblaster Compatible and USB Compatible MIDI Synthesizer board.

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DreamBlaster X2 Advanced WaveBlaster + USB Synth

Have a look at the user manual

- Small formfactor midi PCB : 65mm x 38mm size
- Black color PCB
- Dream 5000 series synth chip with 81 voices polyphony, high quality effects engine
- Waveblaster compatible connector for use on soundcards (such as Soundblaster 16, Audician 32, ESS AudioDrive, Aureal Vortex 2 and many others...) and DIY projects.
- It will also work on instruments that accept waveblaster cards, such as Oberheim MC2000, Korg NS5R and Terratex Axon AX 100
- Super low latency <1ms
- 64mbyte flash for soundbank data
- USB MIDI in (Class compliant midi device, works on windows XP and higher, without drivers)
- stereo line out using a high quality 24 bit DAC    
- Preloaded with a high quality 16 megabyte Dream General MIDI soundbank 
- Advanced MIDI commands spec available.
- DreamBlaster Preset editor / USB uploader tool for advanced customization/tweaking.

Downloads available at

Sound Demo's here on soundcloud :

Some MIDI game tracks played on the X2 :

Review by Phil's Computerlab :


Use X2 with the excellent free MIDI player from Falcosoft !

And here you can see how Salvo installed his X2 into his Oberheim MC2000


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