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OPL2LPT Solder kit / Hand soldered board

€ 35,00
Price per -

OPL2 'adlib' FM synthesis sound card for the parallel port.

Available as High quality solder kit.
Also available as completely hand soldered, and fully tested boards.
--> select the soldering option while ordering.

This board 
  - includes authentic legendary Yamaha OPL2 chips. 
  - includes a headphone amp

A new batch, very limited edition available now. 

See this soldering tutorial. The components exactly match the description.

DOS game compatibility using the 'adlipt' project : download executables here :​

Downloads also available at

The board has 1 button : reset button
The board has 1 jumper : JBB : Jepeal Bass Boost : for more bassy sound

Here is an article by Vincent Bernat how to use OPL2LPT under linux, and comparison of DOS emulator performances. Here is the video where he compares on different DOS emulators


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