OPL3LPT : Parallel port FM synthesizer soundcard, with stereo amplifier.

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This card is the successor to the OPL2LPT.
It uses the yamaha OPL3 (YM262+YAC512) chipset, and features a stereo headphone amplifier.

It is backward compatible with OPL2LPT, so the following software works with OPL3LPT :

DOS game compatibility using the 'adlipt' project : download executables here : https://github.com/pdewacht/adlipt/releases/latest​

Get started quickly playing DOS games, using the DOS GAME Demo Pack

Compatibility notice Dec 15th, 2018 : To solve compatibility issues with certain old PC types like PCJr, a 1k pull up resistor is added to the strobe pin. All OPL3LPT sold, from now on, will include this modification. Find the details here.

A special version of adlib tracker, that supports OPL3LPT, can be found here :  https://github.com/pdewacht/at2lpt/releases
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 
OPL2LPT/OPL3LPT is wired up to the following pins
1: A0       ->  /Strobe   CTRL-0
2: D0      <->  Data0
3: D1      <->  Data1
4: D2      <->  Data2
5: D3      <->  Data3
6: D4      <->  Data4
7: D5      <->  Data5
8: D6      <->  Data6
9: D7      <->  Data7
16: /WR      ->  Init      CTRL-2
17: A1       ->  /Select   CTRL-3    (only for opl3lpt)
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 
Using a new version of adlipt, you can play any adlib game, but also OPL3 only games like cybersphere.

Have a look at this review by Phil's computerlab :

Some software has direct support for opl3lpt :

Modified Adlib Tracker II :   download it here

Demonstration of OPL3LPT in DOS games (by DOS Nostalgia) :
OPL3LPT on a 286 (by Retro Erik) :

Leisure Suit Larry on OPL3LPT

Planet X3 on OPL3LPT, HP200LX

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