Yucatan Fx (2020-2021)

NOTE:  This was a limited run of Yucatan FX, which is now out of stock.
Please have a look at X2GS as a higher end alternative with authentic Roland sound.

Yucatan FX: Waveblaster board using original 90s GS ROM for great sound
This board has exactly the same parts as Turtle beach Cancun Fx. So it also sounds like an SC55 on steroids !!
Recommended to use on a full size, good quality soundcard (like Orpheus).

Superb sound in default settings : it has much more punch than the original SC55, making your computer speakers pump out fantastic enhanced game music

Additional presets available for special use cases : Ypresets : see download section
    -   for headphone use and line recordings, to limit bass characteristics
    -   for hosting on low quality soundcards with limited input mixers : to avoid distortion

After boot, you can run the following presets, for optimal enjoyment of your Yucatan Fx in DOS gaming :
These presets stay active until reboot.

YucMe.bat (PLAYMID YMedium.mid):
--> Sets Mild Yucatan settings for line recording, and roland style equalisation
YucLo.bat (PLAYMID YLow.mid):
--> Sets Very mild Yucatan settings for sensitive sound card input mixers
YucHi.bat (PLAYMID YDefault.mid):
--> Sets Default Yucatan settings for cinematic game effects with a lot of punch

Here is a demo of Yucatan Fx with Warcraft soundtrack (default settings)
Demo by PC Sound Legacy :