PicoGUS v2.0
PicoGUS sound card emulator for ISA retro PCs. Emulates Gravis Ultrasound, Sound Blaster/AdLib, CMS, Tandy 3-Voice, MPU-401, and joystick. Includes a 3.5mm TRS to DIN-5 MIDI adapter cable.

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What is PicoGUS?

PicoGUS can emulate Gravis UltraSound, Sound Blaster, AdLib (OPL2), CMS/Game Blaster and Tandy 3-Voice, and supports MIDI output with MPU-401 intelligent mode emulation. You can also plug in a USB gamepad (Xbox 360 & DualShock 4 currently supported) and play DOS games with a modern controller!  This listing is for the newest version of the original ISA card, version 2.0.

This version of PicoGUS does not need a Raspberry Pi Pico as the RP2040 microcontroller is embedded right on the board! You can plug the card in and use it right away as it comes programmed with the GUS firmware!

Please see the PicoGUS GitHub project and compatibility list for more information on PicoGUS and what computer systems, games, and demoscene productions it is compatible with. 

What do you get ?

  • A red PicoGUS v2.0 ISA board with lovely gold ENIG finish and beveled ISA edge connector, fully assembled with a custom metal bracket.
  • A 3.5mm TRS to DIN-5 MIDI adapter cable, length 15cm.

Further expanding your PicoGUS 2.0 ?

  • For General MIDI/GS music, PicoGUS works great with DreamBlaster boards such as S2, X2GS SE and X16GS
  • For MT32 compatibility, McCake can be added to the PicGUS.
  • Do you love collecting General MIDI soundcards ?  Have a look at McFly and E-Wave
  • If you own external MIDI modules such as MP32L, you can connect these using a MIDI Cable 

PicoGUS 2.0 video by DOS Storm: